Minnesota Appeals Attorney

It takes a special kind of lawyer to earn the respect and admiration of his peers. Attorney Kenneth R. White, of the Law Office of Kenneth R. White, P.C., in Mankato, is just that lawyer. He routinely puts his 30 years of experience to work for attorneys all over Minnesota to write legal briefs, work on appeals and litigation cases, and appear in court on their behalf.

Working as an attorney is a privilege for members of the profession. However, the appetite for doing the paperwork required for many cases — especially those that are particularly complex — varies greatly among Minnesota lawyers. Kenneth R. White can be a valuable asset to a practicing attorney, augmenting the existing experience and skill with a keen eye for detail and a gift for writing.

Rely Upon The Expertise Of 'The Attorney's Attorney'

Lawyers have different strengths from one another. Knowing how to leverage these strengths to help their clients — and when to call in other experts when necessary — is a strength unto itself.

Kenneth R. White has an extensive background as a litigator. He has acted as a trial lawyer for many appeals cases. In addition, his skills as a legal writer can help to supplement, or substitute for, a Minnesota attorney working on an appeal.

Appeals lawyers in Minnesota might lack the experience they feel they need to handle their cases fully and effectively. Attorney Kenneth R. White can fill in the gaps for lawyers around the state who are dealing with complex cases.

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