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Mankato Auto Accident Attorney

It goes without saying that being in an auto accident is a traumatic event. Depending on the nature of the crash, injuries may result — often as a result of the actions of a negligent motorist. In some cases of negligence, accidents can be fatal. It is important to hold those people accountable for their actions in case of injury.

One of the first things someone who has been injured in a crash should do is contact an auto accident lawyer in Mankato like me, Kenneth R. White. Working with an attorney not only can provide peace of mind for someone who has to deal with recovering from the effects of an accident, it can also provide a strong advocate to help gaining appropriate compensation.

Don’t Let A Car Accident Overwhelm You

While many people in Minnesota might think that being in an auto accident is a remote possibility, these types of accidents might be more likely than people realize. In the Mankato area, for example, Highway 14 is well known as one of the most dangerous roads around. It only takes one act of poor judgment by a driver to lead to a serious accident.

In addition to car accidents, I handle cases involving other types of motor vehicle accidents as well, including motorcycle crashes, truck wrecks, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and accidents involving drunk drivers. Additionally, I have experience working on cases involving buses and commercial vehicles.

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I represent vehicle accident victims throughout Greater Minnesota. This includes from my office in Mankato and in the cities of St. Peter, Rochester, Worthington and Duluth. Don’t hesitate to contact my office if you have been hurt in an accident. Contact the firm online or call me at 507-345-8811. Initial consultations are free.