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Writing, Research & Litigation Assistance

Most legal matters involve varying amounts of research and writing. An attorney will need to file the complaint, a response, a motion or a brief to the court. For some issues, the attorney may perform this task often enough that they know exactly the steps to follow.

But for many issues, it may be necessary to engage in substantial research and do extensive writing. I’m Ken White, and as an appellate attorney at Law Office of Kenneth R. White, P.C., for many decades, I have written hundreds of briefs, memos and research documents when preparing for trial and oral arguments and to assist another attorney with their case.

Do You Need Assistance With A Legal Matter?

Because of my experience, I’m able to efficiently research and write about legal matters. I provide tailored assistance to attorneys, encompassing every level of help from researching and drafting a memo of a discrete legal issue in your case to working as co-counsel on a case and directly assisting in trial or during an appeal.

I have worked on numerous cases across a broad spectrum of legal issues, from trial cases involving personal injury and wrongful death incidents to appeals of criminal cases at the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Appellate Issues

If you’re involved with a matter that is being appealed or is likely to be appealed, you understand the many pressures: short filing deadlines, assembling compelling arguments that are the most likely to support your assertion for reversal, and the need to do all of this as cost-effectively as possible.

I can help. I know this drill. I can provide assistance with basic research, outlining the law and proposing avenues of appeal, as well as researching and drafting the appellate brief in its entirety. I will work with you to accommodate your resources, timeline and needs.

I can also provide assistance during a trial when you expect an appeal will be necessary and you need to ensure that all potentially appealable issues are preserved at trial. I understand the importance of properly preserving these issues on the record and making certain they are fully appealable to protect the rights and interests of your client.

Contact Me

Call me to discuss your needs. I’m happy to discuss your matter and will work flexibly to provide the support and resources you need to be successful with your case. Although I am based in Mankato, I serve clients in Greater Minnesota, which includes St. Peter, Rochester, Worthington and Duluth. Call my office at 507-345-8811 or use my online contact form to make an appointment.