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What My Clients Say About Me

Mr. White has done an incredible job of walking me through a terrible time. He was quick to reply to my questions and very knowledgeable when it came to harder situations. I HIGHLY recommend Ken!

Sam Z., Worthington

I am writing to recommend Kenneth R. White as an appellate attorney. I have known Ken for over thirty years and have used him for many of my most important legal motions and appeals. He is prompt and responsive to my needs. He has a great success rate in arguing motions and appeals. Many times, while I attend the motions he is arguing, I sit back and think how fortunate I was to have hired Ken to help me.


Sincerely yours,
James E. Malters

Ken, thank you!


With the resolution of the many issues after the death of my husband, I look back and am so grateful for everything your legal expertise and personal attention gave our family. My children and I knew you listened to each of our concerns – thank you for giving each a voice. In your advice you offered choices and involved us in making the important decisions. Emotionally it was a difficult process for all of us and at each phase your timely communications were very reassuring.


Insurance settlements and long-range implications with Medicare were topics I could never anticipate on my own. Your knowledge and the actions we took give me confidence I have done all that is right for Medicare. I never thought our journey would include putting a petition before the Court of Appeals and eventually the Minnesota Supreme Court justices. Thank you for letting us be involved in reviewing the final briefs before submission. Watching you present before the justices was impressive. At the time I remember thinking no matter the final decision, I felt proud of the honesty, confidence and authority you put forth.


Finally, I truly hope no other family has to deal with all we did, but I would tell them to partner with you and use everything you have to offer for their benefit.


JeanAnn Fenrich

Early in my private practice career, I did a little bit of everything and did not sleep very well. I quickly learned that limiting my practice to personal injury work allowed me to be the professional I wanted to be and the lawyer my clients deserved. I slept better.


While I was admitted to federal court in my first year of practicing law, federal cases came my way no more than once every five years or so. Therefore, I didn’t gain confidence or proficiency in “going to federal court”. I found it frustrating to, on the one hand, know the substantive law and want to do the work while, on the other hand, know that my knowledge of federal procedure was weak. My choices were to decline the work, take the case and hope for the best or call and team up with Ken White.
Ken White’s legal research and writing skills are sharp and he can and does take the time to answer the toughest legal questions that a busy practitioner may be too busy to properly address.


I have never advised or represented a client in a federal matter or begun litigation in federal court without having Ken White at my side. The results have been excellent. My clients were happy and I slept well. In some cases, Ken was my silent partner and in others he signed the pleadings. In all cases, Ken has been a very hard worker who did what he said he would do and did it well. He also has a great sense of humor which can be very helpful in stressful litigation.


Kent Rossi